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The Festival of Trees

Due to various demands, I had to take an impromptu vacation from blogging. I partially wrote the following blog on Monday, January 17, 2022. I apologize for the late posting, but better late than never. Today was glorious! It was cloudy all day, but there was a lot of sunshine inside my home. Mike and I…

Someone is Watching You

There is an inscription that is often inscribed over the Ark in Synagogues which reads: “Da Lifneh Mi Attah Omed.” It means, “Know before whom you stand.”

The Best Things in Life

Shalom to all my friends – both old and new. As many of you know, the last two months have been very dramatic for me. My family and I recovered from That which shall not be named. That is what I have decided to call this virus going forward. Today is my last chance to…


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