The Best Things in Life

Shalom to all my friends – both old and new. As many of you know, the last two months have been very dramatic for me. My family and I recovered from That which shall not be named. That is what I have decided to call this virus going forward.

Today is my last chance to post a blog for this year. I have been working on writing one for several days now. What should I write? Should I do a review, share some spiritual insights, or include a little politics? It is not always easy to know in which direction to go, So, I will just keep it simple.

My grandchildren are great teachers. For example, Izzy has a lot of toys; however, she decided that the empty box waiting to be thrown in the trash was much more interesting than even her electronic device (tablet). So while many people were out hunting down the somewhat elusive rainbow unicorn and the even more elusive PS5, my grandbaby was having a lot of fun using a box to stimulate her imagination.

My grandson Asher is nine months old. He is moving around and climbing. His mommy has to watch him like a hawk. We video-chat often so I can keep up with his latest feats. My daughter-in-law told me on our last video chat that she removed all Asher’s toys from the boxes, but he ignored the toys to play with the boxes.

What do these two beautiful children know that we either do not know or have forgotten? I think the answer is that we have forgotten how intriguing and enthralling it is to use our creative imagination.

Rediscovering the Box

Perhaps we need to rediscover the box. We spend a great deal of the time believing that the way to succeed and come up with new ideas is to step out of the box. What happens then? We simply go from one box to bigger box and son on, and that is the way it should be.

We really can’t live box-free. As we learn and grow, we must make sure the box adjusts as well. when we begin to feel constricted, it means we have outgrown that particular box and need to break down a side or two and extend the borders.

There is a lot more that I could write on this topic, but Sabbath is almost here for me. I will wish you all Health, prosperity, and Happy New Year! See you next year!

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