The Festival of Trees

Due to various demands, I had to take an impromptu vacation from blogging. I partially wrote the following blog on Monday, January 17, 2022. I apologize for the late posting, but better late than never. Today was glorious! It was cloudy all day, but there was a lot of sunshine inside my home. Mike and I…

Someone is Watching You

There is an inscription that is often inscribed over the Ark in Synagogues which reads: “Da Lifneh Mi Attah Omed.” It means, “Know before whom you stand.”

The Best Things in Life

Shalom to all my friends – both old and new. As many of you know, the last two months have been very dramatic for me. My family and I recovered from That which shall not be named. That is what I have decided to call this virus going forward. Today is my last chance to…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah. I am Black. I am Jewish. I am humbly proud to bear the name of the first matriarch of my people. Sarah Imeinu (our mother) was courageous, faithful, strong, visionary, and hospitable among many other fine attributes. Through this Blog I would like to draw from her wisdom as we explore navigating through the Straits of life. Welcome to Sarah’s House!

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