What in Heaven’s Name

There was a lot going on in the heavens earlier this evening. I counted eight different I chem-trails or whatever those lines are called. I do not know how many had already fizzled out to form some of those wispy clouds, but there were several planes flying around up there leaving behind the trails.

“What are they doing?” I wondered. Perhaps they were seeding the clouds so we would get snow. Well, Hashem knows what in heaven’s name they are doing.

I just couldn’t do the sunset justice. That tiny dot in the center of the picture is Venus. She and Jupiter are shining so brightly tonight.

Great, cataclysmic, beautiful, and scary things are happening up there. There is even a comet – Comet Leonard passing through our neighborhood at the moment. Early morning is best in order to catch a glimpse of our traveler.

According to wikipedia, the comet was discovered January 3, 2021 by an astronomer named G.L. Leonard – a living legend.

It’s a beautiful world, folks. Let us not take if for granted.

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