Pretty Awesome Day

Today was one of those “Then I think to myself, what a wonderful world” Kind of days. In fact, I was singing the karaoke version of that tune while I was hanging out with my best friend, my wonderful hubby. We spent the morning relaxing with each other and in the afternoon, we headed to Kay Jewelers to get my necklace cleaned.

We then headed to Albert’s Jewelers to drop our wedding bands off for the six-monthly cleaning. So for the next two or three weeks, I’ll be sporting a naked ring finger. It will take that long because one of the tiny diamonds in my engagement ring needs to be replaced.

Next stop, Whole Foods which just happened to be next door to Albert’s. A friend told me I could get Kosher Cheese there. We didn’t find any Kosher labeled Mozzarella, but looking up from the parking lot, the scene was quite spectacular. First it was the moon that caught my attention; then the beauty and brilliance of the setting sun just a few degrees away (it seems) made me want to sing.

Our next stop was Costco. I snapped a few heavenly bodies from the parking lot, and once again, Venus was shining her light like the “Evening Star” almost directly above the moon.

Guess what else we found at Costco? I found Kosher Habanero Cheddar Cheese! Someone please say, “Quesadilla!” I think the moon really is made of cheese – Habanero Cheddar!

So I got to spend the day with my darling hubby – my best friend, my love, my sweet man, and we did all these things together. We do not take the beauty around us for granted. Neither do we take the freedoms we enjoy for granted. We are all too aware that with the sweet comes the bitter, and many sacrifices were made in order to provide us with these freedoms.

With a heart full of gratitude, I would like to say thanks to all the Veterans whose service and sacrifice make all these liberties possible.

…And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…” (Louis Armstrong).

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