Nature’s Song: Finding the Beauty in Everything

I find it fun sometimes to just point my phone camera to the heavens and snap away. See that dot of light to the upper right hand side of the moon? That’s a planet – Venus, I think. I messed around a little bit with some filters – just enough to bring out the beauty that was always there.

If I were to give this picture a name, I would call it “Hidden Beauty.

Hidden Beauty

No filters here – just the moon shining hazily through the clouds. Although it appears round in the photo, it was a crescent moon. I am no photographer, but I am reasonably satisfied with the image. I’ll call this one “Clouded Beauty

Beauty is all around us, but sometimes we are either too close or too far away to properly discern it. Sometimes, we can only appreciate it through the lens of a camera. And guess what? You don’t have to be super talented photographer. I certainly am not. I don’t even qualify as an amateur; nevertheless, taking a picture of something that moves me gives me great satisfaction.

There is truly something beautiful about the night. Maybe it is because we need to use a little more imagination to fill in the details hidden by the darkness. So, enjoy discovering and appreciating the beauty all around despite the darkness, despite the clouds.

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One response to “Nature’s Song: Finding the Beauty in Everything”

  1. This is awesome!
    Great post 💞


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