Sarah’s Kitchen: Succulent Tuna “Meat” Balls

Tuna Meatball Stew over Basmati Rice

Living with a family member who is allergic to many different foods makes it necessary to be creative in the kitchen. My husband has many food allergies. He is allergic to beef, but he is not allergic to fish. As this means that fish is a regular part of our diet, I need to frequently modify the way I prepare it so that he doesn’t get tired of eating fish all the time.

We generally have Salmon, Tuna, Cod, and occasionally Red Snapper in our freezer; however, Tuna allows the most versatility in preparation. Tuna consists of dense protein that is almost similar to beef. As a result, it is a perfect substitute for some beef dishes. I first started with a version of “picadillo” – cooked ground beef-style tuna used as fillings for tacos. I also add it to my husband’s chili for a richer, more savory flavor.

This week, I had a taste for meatballs, so I defrosted a package of Ahi Tuna, washed it, ground it up in my Ninja with onions and celery, add seasonings and some potato starch / gluten-free flour for binding. I then wet my hands, formed the balls, and fried them on all sides. They came out with firm and looked just like the beef equivalent. On the inside, the Tuna “Meatballs” had the texture of ground meat but was just a bit finer than beef.

After frying, I added sliced potatoes, veggies, coconut milk, water, and spices to these Tuna “Meatballs” and simmered until the veggies were all cooked; then, I served them hot over a bed of rice. Yummy-Delicious!

Keep in mind that you can go ahead and add your Tuna “Meatballs” to your favorite pasta sauce as well. Use them just like you would regular meatballs. Enjoy these deliciously succulent Tuna “Meatballs” and feel free to contact me for the recipe.

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