Yesterday, I pointed my phone camera to the heavens and snapped a few pics. I wanted to see what I could see, like when I was a little girl looking up at the sky at airplanes flying way up high. I would look and dream of faraway places full of wonder and fairytale marvels. This time, I was looking for Him, knowing that He was looking right back at me.

There is a secret I learned many years ago – living your best life is about finding the right vantage point. The glass may be half-empty, or better yet half-full. The day may be cloudy, but the sun is still shining above the clouds. So even when the clouds hide Him from my view, I know He is in those very clouds. He is in the wind. He is in the rain. He is everywhere – sometimes seemingly far yet always very near.

So how exactly does one find the right vantage point? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Move to “higher ground” away from the low areas where peripheral things tend to create a false center
  • Recalibrate by assessing and reassessing priorities
  • Set proper goals by developing a sharper focus
  • Take deliberate actions on a daily basis to attain those goals
  • Take personal inventory and practice personal accountability

Sometimes, to get to that optimum place, it may be necessary to take a step or two backward before one can move forward with the right momentum. De-center, then give yourself a running start. Run to something bigger, greater, stronger, and much more dependable than yourself. That is the only way to push past the mental limitations that narrows our borders and keep us in danger of falling victim to the treacherous conditions of the straits.

2 responses to “FINDING YOUR CENTER”

  1. Motivating


  2. A Man or Woman who has G-d at the center of their lives is truly blessed.


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